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Hermione quickly points her wand at Harry and hits him with a jinx, making his face swell. Harry is grabbed, the blackthorn wand taken from him, his glasses falling off. The trio are hauled to an area where other prisoners are being kept, and tied up. Harry apologizes to Ron and Hermione for getting them caught, and Dean recognizes his voice.

Greyback asks Harry what house he was in and Harry responds Slytherin. He tells them that his father works in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, and Scabior says he believes there is a Dudley who works there. The article in the Prophet says that Hermione is traveling with Harry Potter, so Greyback gets suspicious. Instead of going to the Ministry, they decide to take them to Malfoy Manor, the place Voldemort is using as a base, to make certain they get credit for his capture.

Harry can see Voldemort approach a skeletal-looking man under a blanket at the top of that tower. The Snatchers gather up the prisoners and Apparate near the manor. The gates asks their business, and swings open when Greyback tells it that they have Harry. Narcissa Malfoy opens the door. Narcissa calls Draco over to identify Harry, and Lucius is instantly excited; he believes that everything will be forgiven if they are the ones to hand him over.

Harry catches glimpse of himself in a mirror and can barely recognize the person wearing his glasses. He decides not to talk, knowing that would give him away. Lucius thinks that Harry has been subjected to a Stinging Jinx and tells Draco to look more closely. He then says the same about Ron. Bellatrix enters. She recognizes Hermione, and insists on summoning Voldemort, but Lucius stops her. He claims that as its his home, he has the authority, but Bellatrix says he lost such authority when his wand was taken. Greyback reminds them that he gets the reward, which Bellatrix wants no part of anyhow.

Lucius is about to summon Voldemort, but Bellatrix stops him. She goes up to a Snatcher and asks for the sword, stunning the man when he does not comply. She takes all of them down, then puts Greyback on his knees and asks where he got the sword; apparently, Snape put the sword in her vault at Gringotts.

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She wants the prisoners put in the cellar while she figures out how to handle the situation, but asks to keep Hermione. Greyback puts them in the cellar, but not before they hear a terrible scream. Ron start shouting for Hermione, but Harry tells him that they need to get their ropes off and figure out how to escape.

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Ollivander is also in the cellar. Upstairs, they can hear Bellatrix asking Hermione where they got the sword, and Hermione insisting that they found it. Dean and Griphook are also in the cellar, and above, Bellatrix is screaming at Hermione to tell her what else they stole from her vault. Once free of the ropes, Ron tries to Disapparate, but Luna assures them that the cellar is escape-proof. Bellatrix uses the Cruciatus Curse on Hermione; Ron pounds at the wall in near tears, and Harry begin to tear through the items in the pouch that Hagrid gave him.

The Snitch and his wand are useless, and the mirror shard falls out, showing a gleam of bright blue eye. Harry asks the shard to help them, and the eye disappears. Lucius suggests that they fetch the goblin and have him tell them. Harry whispers to Griphook to tell them that the sword is fake, but the goblin is barely conscious. Draco comes down and tells everyone to line up against the wall. Ron clicks the Deluminator again to make the room dark, and Draco comes in quickly to take the goblin upstairs.

Ron clicks the Deluminator again, and they find Dobby in the cellar. Luna and Dean are reticent to leave, but Harry insists, then has another view of the old man talking to Voldemort. Dobby Disapparates, but the sound of it draws the attention of Lucius. He has Wormtail go and check. When the man enters the cellar, Harry and Ron jump him, getting his wand pointed out of the way and covering his mouth.

His silver hand goes to strangle Harry.

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Ron does an imitation of Wormtail and tells Lucius everything is fine, and Harry points out that Peter owes him for saving his life—the silver hand around his throat loosens. For this brief moment of remorse, Peter Pettigrew begins to strangle himself.

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Ron and Harry run upstairs and quietly move toward the drawing room. With that settled, she decides that they can call the Dark Lord. Voldemort murders the old man, and begins his journey back.

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Bellatrix decides that Greyback can have Hermione, so Ron bursts into the room and disarms Bellatrix, whose wand goes to Harry. He manages to Stupefy Lucius before diving to the floor to avoid various spells. Harry and Ron drop the wands, and Draco is instructed to pick them up. Bellatrix lets go of Hermione and throws herself to the side to avoid getting hit. Dobby disarms Narcissa, and when Bellatrix expresses mortification that he would dare defy his masters, he says:.

Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends! He tells Dobby not to die. The elf looks at Harry and says his name one last time before he goes still. Or perhaps knowing that Salazar himself would be so against those students belonging to his house makes the Hat avoid the possibility. It HAS to be. The power dynamic in this house is fascinating. When we look between Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda, you have to wonder if they ever got along as siblings.

Narcissa clearly cares a great deal for decorum and respect; she gets angry with Bellatrix for implying cowardice in Draco. Both she and Lucius simply want to reap the benefits of their station without forcefully upholding it; they expect others to know their place. Both Bellatrix and Regulus are members of the family who are keenly interested in enforcing their position, but Regulus receives an awakening of sorts once Kreacher is mistreated by the man he so admired.

It occurs to me that Bellatrix likely had no problem spending those years in Azkaban. If we require any further proof that Draco is done with this whole circus, his complete unwillingness to cooperate does the trick. I dunno. And he probably knows that forgiveness is unlikely either way.

Is it any wonder that Harry gains the loyalty of his wand without a fight? Every time he talks about Hermione or threatens Hermione, I just want to close the book and walk away. We have the weird situation of Draco coming down first to retrieve Griphook, but Wormtail being asked to check on the noises downstairs the next time. I suppose we could say that Lucius wants Draco to be an active participant in the proceedings, while Wormtail is little more than a servant to him, but it would have made more sense as a power play exchange—Bellatrix tells Draco to go get Griphook, and Lucius later counters by sending Wormtail down to the cellar.

Otherwise it all seems a bit convenient. In some ways, that is likely the point—Peter has done many horrible things, and his death was never going to be some noble, grand gesture. I only wish we got an extra moment to hang on it, to acknowledge that Peter Pettigrew never truly gets redemption on any level; he is a traitor in a practically mythic sense , and a single bout of conscience does not unmake him.

Maybe more. When I first read this book, this moment was devastating for so many reasons, but the primary one was how Dobby was this character we all make fun of. In a lot of ways, he still is.

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And yet here he is. And here he falls.

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  • And there is no one in all of these books who deserves it less. But this time, I thought about the bigger picture. And I thought about what Dobby stands for—one of the first of his kind to stand up for their rights and welfare. And it suddenly hit me: of course he dies. He was always going to die.

    Because the people who take that first step, who take the biggest risks by moving over the line and fighting ahead of everyone else, they are always the ones who get hurt. They are always the ones who pay the price. She throws that knife at Dobby deliberately because he dared to talk back to her. To forget his place. And she had to make sure he remembered it. Dean takes Griphook inside, and Bill suggests that they bury Dobby. Harry agrees, barely present. He feels his scar burn, and distantly sees Voldemort punishing everyone back at Malfoy Manor.

    He digs a grave between bushes at the edge of their garden, and enjoys the hard work to honor the elf.

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    The loss wakes him up, and he finds himself no longer longing for the Hallows. At dawn, Dean and Ron come out to meet him. They jump down into the grave and help Harry finish the work. Luna suggests they say something and thanks Dobby for rescuing them, saying it was unfair that he died, and that she hopes he is happy.

    It takes some coaxing, but Harry eventually gets what he needs from the Grey Lady a.