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Warning : This book contains explicit, hot sex and is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

And keeping her at bay might be harder than he thought Will Trent succumb to Charlotte's seduction? More by Vella Day See more. A Billionaire's Roar. Vella Day. Can fantasy's come true?

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Celebrating her thirtieth birthday in Sin City, Elise Daniels is ready to let loose and have fun--but she has no idea how crazy it's going to get. Agreeing to undergo hypnosis during a magician's show, Elise believes she is living out her fantasy with a mysterious, handsome stranger as he fulfills more than just her dreams. Billionaire weretiger, Max Tendor, knows that Elise is his destined mate the second he sees her. But once in his embrace, he realizes that he can never let her go. One mistake scratch catapults her life in a direction she never saw coming.

It all regenerates.

Lothaire After she gains her immortality, Chloe 's hair grows, but she cuts it off every morning. MacRieve Lanthe agrees to have her tongue cut out to save herself and Thronos, knowing she can still use the power of persuasion telepathically. Dark Skye Horns 2 Cadeon cuts off his own horns to prove to Holly that he is worthy of being her mate. She tells him to let them grow back Dark Desires After Dusk Malkolm is captured by his enemies in Oblivion and taken to the city of Ash. The publicly cut off his horns and then intend to kill him, but Carrow saves him. She heals herself after Bowen lays on the ground.

Ivy grows over her and heals her.

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Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night Thronos is chasing Melananthe and loses a foot when a portal closes on it. Kiss of a Demon King While in Pandamonia, Thronos is trapped in a Groundhog Day like trap, doomed to repeat his worst nightmare over and over again. When he believes that Lanthe is about to die, he repeatedly tears of his legs in order to reach her.

He never actually loses a limb, but he was willing, so we're counting it.

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He notices that it's "a fantastical shot" and he's super into it. Later, he helps her pick up the head because he's a real gentleman like that. Pleasure of a Dark Prince Later in the book, they are under attack from vampires and Lucia asks him to help.

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Garreth promises to "give her their throats" and beheads two vampires. But she's upset about it because of a previous bad experience with cannibalism. Pleasure of a Dark Prince Malkolm beheads men that attacked Carrow in Oblvion, and he throws them to prove he's a worthy mate. Demon from the Dark Declan fights and beheads several creatures as they escape Torture Island, including squeezing one dude so hard his eyes pop out and then he twists his head off.

Three are eager to hook up with her, each representing a different faction of campus life: Adam, the awkward boffin, an associate of the student newspaper, whom she'd like to fancy but can't; Hoyt, the manipulative and predatory hedonist, whom she can't help fancying though she knows she ought not to; and JoJo, the jock, the token white on the college basketball team, whom she might get round to fancying if only he didn't act so dumb.

Despite the title this isn't just Charlotte's story, and when Wolfe inhabits the consciousness of his male characters - with their rivalry, preening, vengefulness and violence - he does it with gusto. He's especially good on JoJo, and how the college system is skewed to accommodate sports players, who have groupies to take care of their libidos and soft course-options to keep up their grades geology - rocks for jocks; economics - stocks for jocks; and so on.

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When JoJo turns in an essay that's blatantly not his, his teacher, Mr Quat, vows to fight the system. But characters whose surnames begin with Q aren't usually good guys, and there's more to JoJo than meets the eye. Mens sana in corpore sano. Practically everyone at Dupont seems to work out, the girls so as to look fashionably anorexic, the boys to flaunt abs, traps, delts, pecs, lats and all the rest.

Wolfe is a diligent researcher and among those he thanks in his foreword are the "two collegians" his children, presumably who helped him out with student idiom, the likes and whatevers and totally awesomes and wanna chills.

Early on there's a riff on what Wolfe calls "fuck patois", whereby the f-word is used in a variety of ways - as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb and imperative - though rarely to denote sexual intercourse. Later there's a similar lecture on shit patois. Dupont is rich in coinages.

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First-year women students are frostitutes or fresh meat. To be sexiled is to clear out while your room-mate goes to bed with someone.

Swimmies are the reserve sports players whose academic excellence guarantees an overall C-grade for the team and thereby keeps it afloat. As usual, the energy of Wolfe's prose is abetted by stylistic tricks - block capitals, aposiopesis, italics, paragraphs that begin with dashes - and by wry observations on changing social manners: "At Dupont, nobody asked anybody out on a date unless they were already spending most nights in each other's beds.

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One can imagine her being played by the prim Reese Witherspoon of Cruel Intentions, Roger Kumble's remake of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, one of any number of films about youthful decadence that might have inspired Wolfe - except that Charlotte is so desperately lacking in spirit. It's page before she risks going to a frat party, page before she experiments with necking, and page before she swigs vodka.

Even after that, drunk on the dance floor, she's shocked to see boys "thrusting their montes pubis - who in this room would know the plural of mons pubis Charlotte Simmons? The question for Lovelace, in Clarissa, is whether female virtue is more than prudishness: "whether her frost be frost indeed".