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In The Muppets , Bobo serves a similar function to his appearances in Muppets from Space and Letters to Santa , as the well-meaning, suit-clad assistant to the antagonist. In this case, Bobo is the "less-helpful-than-you-might-wish assistant" to Tex Richman. The puppet was slightly altered when it was used as Bobo. Also prior to becoming Bobo, the bear puppet would also be used in a promotional photo for the unproduced series W.

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Willowby's Christmas Tree , and in one of the Muppet Time recurring sketches, Frog Scouts, as a customer who buys all the cookies from them. Television specials: Hey Cinderella! Ready, set, bake! Piece together the perfect cake. Wrap around the edges to escape the temple! Paint the happy hexagons to make them match. Slide the pieces to connect all the lines. Round and round, don't stop running! Knock the planets out of this world!

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Lights out! Can you see in the dark? Build cities for ancient civilizations! Jump across the river to catch the fish! Line up your dominoes and knock them down!

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Chop up the shapes. Draw a path to hit the target number! Can you keep the board clear? Fill the grid, but don't get stuck! You only get one push.

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Use it wisely! Can you fit all the pieces together to solve the puzzle?

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