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English courses with native speaker and bilingual teachers in Ibiza. English intensive courses, extensive English courses, private classes, executive courses, preparation courses for Cambridge and Trinity as well as other oficial exams. Please click to see the course offer. With qualified and experienced teachers.

Please click to see all course options. It is located in a privileged location right in the centre of Ibiza Town. With a huge amount of experience and programmes being offered, the school has become the main reference in education on the island of Ibiza.

Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Select a page Languages German English. Twitter Facebook YouTube. Or English! Join students from over 40 countries Learn with teacher that are native Spanish speakers! Only school accredited by Instituto Cervantes in Ibiza. Stay in great value accommodation. Say goodbye to Spanglish! My field trip to the Atlantic Coast provided yet another opportunity to indulge in beautiful vistas, Asturian gastronomy and be part of daily life in rural Spain.

Ce furent mes meilleures vacances. Claudine, 70 ans. La atencion de Alfredo y Jimena es permanente. Fue mimada! Aprendi tantas cosas de la lengua actual y de la historia de Espana y otros paises y de Asturia y leon, que ahora no puedo sonar en frances, sino en espanol. El lugar maravilloso, salvaje y muy lejos del turismo habitual, es un paraiso para los enamorados de naturaleza y quietud.

Ademas, el hogar de Alfredo y Jimena es muy confortable y la habitacion que tenia no faltaba de nada, con un cuarto de bano privado, un armario, una television, internet y una vista maravillosa sobre el monte. Los cursos de Alfredo son muy intensivos y ligeros y divertidos, por medio de poesia, canciones, articulos de prensa.. Aprendi mucho. Ademas, la cocina es deliciosa y local.

Lo que me gusto mas que todo fue la posibilidad de hablar espanol todo el dia en conversaciones sobre temas a veces muy profundos y varios, sin darme cuento que lo hiciste.

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Eso, con la ayuda frecuente y dicreta de los dos. Que paciencia tienen! En una frase What a delightful couple! Jimena and Alfredo are two well-experienced Spanish teachers, sensitive and attentive to your particular needs in learning their language - with least effort. They welcome you into their home into a spacious room with en-suite shower room with magnificent views They welcome you into their home into a spacious room with en-suite shower room with magnificent views over the mountains.

Spanish is taught through formal lessons and entertaining conversations at meal times and during the daily outings. The meals are delicious and typically Spanish. They live in a beautiful, unspoilt part of Asturias, in the Somiedo Nature Reserve, and are extremely generous with their time and availability in sharing their knowledge of the flora, fauna and traditional way of life. They went out of their way so we were lucky enough to see two bears and they ensured we saw chamois before we left. Everything is made-to-measure so we were delighted with our stay and thoroughly enjoyed their easy-going company.

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We highly recommend this Spanish school. Viven en una zona hermosa y virgen de Asturias, en la Reserva Natural de Somiedo, y son extremadamente generosos con su tiempo y disponibilidad para compartir sus conocimientos sobre la flora, la fauna y la forma de vida tradicional. El Cu lebre se encuentra en un Las lecciones se adaptan a sus deseos y son individuales.

Una de las grandes cosas es que te adaptan el curso Una de las grandes cosas es que te adaptan el curso y las excursiones. Alfredo and Jimena are great hosts and go to a lot of effort to tailor the course to your particular situation.

Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga. ARI 27/2009 - 18/02/2009

OF course the walks in Somiedo are fantastic, seeing the footprints of a brown bear OF course the walks in Somiedo are fantastic, seeing the footprints of a brown bear in the snow incredible! It was great that you get recommendations on which online tools to use. Even if you are just coming for a holiday, especially if you are a solitary traveler who doesn't speak Spanish but wants to get to know "Green Spain" I would recommend it. We are a retired couple from Arizona, USA, and have just ended 2 incredible weeks studying It was an astounding time, one of the best of our lives.

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However, as this study shows, it may not only be a question of lacking specific materials for CLIL but of the difficulties entailed in acknowledging and adequately utilising the opportunities that digital resources offer to set up spaces for interaction and process thinking. Finally, concerning the last research question, the results of the analyses conducted on the type of resources and materials in English that students use outside of school revealed that songs and videogames are the most widely used in both stages. The most important finding of this analysis was the existence of significant correlations between the activities.

These correlations show that, at both levels, learners use the Internet to access reading materials and to listen to songs; primary learners also use it for watching films, while secondary learners use it for playing videogames. These results indicate that students at both levels have an ongoing interest in using digital resources and materials in English outside of school. This means that what is learned in the classroom does not stay there, but rather is recontextualised continuously and enriched by new uses in real communicative interactions in a variety of contexts and with a variety of interlocutors.

However, the full potential of these processes of recontextualisation is still far from being realised. Whereas the digital resources and materials used in and outside the classroom are the same, the activities in which learners engage in the classroom are passive reception of knowledge and offer segmented, graded and decontextualised access to the FL. This contrasts with the kind of activities in which learners engage outside the school setting, where activities are and afford them acess to the FL in a non-segmented and non-graded, more communicative and contextualised way.

The main conclusion to be drawn from this is that, in order to adequately exploit the teaching and communicative potential of digital resources and materials for CLIL, these should be used in ways that resemble more closely the ways learners interact with information and access the FL outside of school. These ways are also more communicatively and socially relevant and have a greater potential to foster collaborative knowledge building, interpersonal communication, and learner autonomy. It is necessary to incorporate these aspects in order to help bridge the distance between formal and informal access to knowledge and to truly integrate digital resources and materials in the classroom in accordance with CLIL principles.

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London: CILT. Marsh Ed. The European dimension. Actions, trends, and foresight potential pp. CLIL - A pedagogical approach.

Hornberger Eds. New York: Springer.

Género masculino y femenino en español - Gender in Spanish

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Creswell, J. Research design: Qualitative, Quantitative and mixed methods approaches. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Cummins, J. Immersion education for the millennium: What have we learned from 30 years of research on second language immersion?

Bostwick Eds.

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Learning through two languages: Research and practice. Japan: Katoh Gakuen.